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Unlock a world of musical discovery with Esele Music Academy tailored services. Our expertly designed programs cater to your unique needs and expectations, focusing on deep understanding and skill development over mere memorization.

Enjoy the convenience of lessons in your home, our teacher’s studios, or virtually, extending our reach throughout the Bay Area.




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eSele Lessons

Elevate your skills

Elevate your skills and transform your music with our personalized curriculum, expert-designed.

Dive into a personalized musical journey. 1-on-1 and group lessons. We offer a range of options:

  • Cajon and Claps for Flamenco: Master flamenco rhythms and compas, essential for dancers and musicians.
  • Flamenco Guitar: Learn authentic flamenco techniques, perfect for concert performances or accompanying dancers and singers.
  • Singing Flamenco: Discover authentic vocal techniques to bring a natural flamenco sound.
  • Latin Percussions: Explore the charm of Latin rhythms with instruments like congas and bongos.

    eSele Workshop

    Experience flamenco

    An immersive exploration into flamenco’s history and styles through demonstrations and storytelling.

    • Tablao Flamenco Experience
    • Rythm & Styles
    • The Guitar in Flamenco¬†


    eSele Activities

    A dynamic group experience

    Ideal for Group or Corporate events. A dynamic, interactive group experience, ideal for events, encompassing flamenco dance, clapping, and singing, suitable for all ages.

    • Flamenco-Therapy
    • Extracurricular activities

    eSele Academy

    The finest music education

    For over a decade, we’ve been proud to serve our community. We’ve assisted thousands of students in achieving their full potential and musical aspirations. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the finest music education.

    • Profesional instructors
    • Private & Group lessons & activities
    • Flexible Scheduling
    • Cultural enrichment
    • Workshops
    • Masterclass
    • Tablao Flamenco Experience
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